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Normograms  in prenatal life of stomach and urinary bladder in the second and third  trimester of pregnancy    
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  • Sławomir Witkowski,
  • Zalinska A.,
  • Słodki M.,
  • Respondek-Liberska M.
Sławomir Witkowski

Corresponding Author:slawek86@gmail.com

Author Profile
Zalinska A.
Słodki M.
Respondek-Liberska M.


This research analyzes the measurement of fetal stomach and urinary bladder in healthy fetuses in the second and third trimester of gestation based on the database of the tertiary center from 2016 to 2019. The fetuses were selected for the study group in case they presented normal biometry and normal cardiac structure and function, no extracardiac malformation and no extracardiac anomalies and their gestational age was between 14th week  up to the 40th week of gestation. The normograms from the analysis are presented. The size of the fetal stomach and urinary bladder  (S/UB index) increases with gestational age on a 1:1 basis.
Conclusions: The average size of the stomach in healthy fetuses between the 14 – 40 th week of gestation was  18 mm (8 – 40 mm) , the average urinary bladder measurement was 17 mm (15 mm – 42 mm) and the fetal stomach to urinary bladder index (S/UB index) was constant:  1.26 (0.09 – 3.93). These are simple measurements that be implemented in daily practice for fetal ultrasound assessment
11 Jul 2022Published in Journal of Ultrasonography volume 22 issue 90 on pages 161-167. 10.15557/JoU.2022.0026