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Covid 19 - Acing the Treatment
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  • Jez Hunter,
  • Puskar Bura,
  • Richard King,
  • George Thomson
Jez Hunter
Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust
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Puskar Bura
Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust
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Richard King
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George Thomson
Royal Cornwall Hospital
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ACE 2 is the functional receptor that SARS-Cov-2 virus requires to enter cells and cause dysregulated inflammatory conditions that contribute towards acute lung injuries. The RAAS with its physiological surveillance and regulation system can be implicated in both harm and therapeutic benefit. The initial observational studies suggesting the discontinuation of ACE-I and ARBs have been firmly rebutted by international societies. On the contrary, these therapeutics may confer a survival benefit in Covid 19 infections. Understanding the biological plausibility of this pathway alongside the emerging therapeutic evidence may yield new modes of treatment. Such developments appear fundamentally important in the battle against the inevitable emergence of new variants and their potential to drive future waves of Covid 19 pandemics.