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Infective endocarditis (MRSA)with COVID-19 concomitant:a case report


      Introduction Since 2019,the COVID-19(a1) epidemic has rapidly spread across China,and the global spread trendappeared,which not only endangered people’s health, but also had a huge impact on the social economy.Infective endocarditis (IE(a2)) is aninflammation of the inner wall of the cardiac valves or ventricle caused by direct infection of bacteria,fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms. It is related to several and the main etiological agents are the Gram-positive cocci. At present,there is limited evidence in the literature for both conditions. Case presentation Here,we report a case of Infective endocarditis concomitant with COVID-19. A blood culture results and toe secretions culture indicated MRSA(a3) strain infection.Because it has no special past history,we consider that is communityassociated (CA-MRSA )strain. TTE(a4) did not identify endocardial vegetations. TEE(a5) was then performed and outlined IE of anterior mitral valve leaflet. CT scan of the patient revealed multiple diffuse abscesses. We tried high-flow nasal cannula(HFNC(a6)) for COVID-19,and we used a combined anti-infection approach(daptomycin, Fosfomycin, linezolid). Conclusion With aggressive anti-infective therapy,our case has achieved a good treatment outcome.