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Identifying Healthcare Professionals' Fear of COVID-19 and Their Attitudes towards Being Vaccinated
  • Eda Ergin,
  • Semih AKKOYUN
Eda Ergin

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Balikesir Universitesi
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Objective: This study was conducted to determine healthcare professionals’ fear of COVID-19 in and their attitudes towards being vaccinated against COVID-19. Method: The sample of this descriptive study was composed of 302 healthcare professionals working in a university research and training hospital. The data were collected with the help of an online survey method created with the help of Google Forms using the “Form for Determining Healthcare Professionals’ Attitudes towards Being Vaccinated” and “The Fear of COVID-19 Scale” between December 28, 2020 and January 13, 2021. Results: The mean total Fear of COVID-19 Scale score of the healthcare professionals participating in the study was found to be 17.20 ± 6.015. A significant relationship was found between the Fear of COVID-19 Scale total score and participating healthcare professionals’ gender, status of education, status of flu vaccination and status of being diagnosed with COVID-19 (p <0.005). Conclusion: According to research results, it was found that healthcare professionals experienced moderate fear, almost half of them were undecided about the COVID-19 vaccine, their thoughts about vaccination were positive and they were mostly concerned about the side effects of the vaccine.