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On Approximation by Gupta type general family of Operators
  • Karunesh Singh
Karunesh Singh
Institute of Engineering and Technology

Corresponding Author:kksiitr.singh@gmail.com

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In this paper, we study Gupta type family of positive linear operators, which have a wide range of many well known linear positive operators e.g. Phillips, Baskakov-Durrmeyer, Baskakov-Sz\’{a}sz, Sz\’{a}sz-Beta, Lupa\c{s}-Beta, Lupa\c{s}-Sz\’{a}sz, genuine Bernstein-Durrmeyer, Link, P\u{a}lt\u{a}nea, Mihe\c{s}an-Durrmeyer, link Bernstein-Durrmeyer etc. We first establish direct results in terms of usual modulus of continuity having order 2 and Ditzian-Totik modulus of smoothness and then study quantitative Voronovkaya theorem for the weighted spaces of functions. Further, we establish Gr\“{u}ss-Voronovskaja type approximation theorem and also derive Gr\”{u}ss-Voronovskaja type asymptotic result in quantitative form.