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Is chest ultrasonography a reliable tool for the emergency diagnosis of traumatic pneumothorax. An Updated Meta-Analysis
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  • Yu Zhou,
  • Haiyan Tian,
  • Ton Zhang,
  • Sanjay Rastogi,
  • Rupshikha Choudhury
Yu Zhou
Dalian Municipal Central Hospital Affiliated of Dalian Medical University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Haiyan Tian
The Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical University
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Ton Zhang
Central Hospital Affiliated to Shandong First Medical University
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Sanjay Rastogi
Regional Dental College
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Rupshikha Choudhury
Regional Dental College
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Aims: A commonly encountered problem in emergency care is pneumothorax, identified by air present in pleural space, occurring spontaneously, principally because of trauma or pathogenic factors like a central venous catheter, mechanical ventilation, and biopsy. Employing Chest ultrasound for diagnosing pneumothorax in an emergency is currently investigated by many researchers. The present meta-analysis aimed to assess Chest ultrasound’s diagnostic accuracy in diagnosing the pneumothorax during emergencies. Material and Methods: Literature search of published articles in MEDLINE, Embase, Ovid, Scopus, and Journal on web databases from 2000 up to November 2020 were reviewed for the pre-described outcomes. Results: 12 articles were finally chosen for quantitative analysis. The overall sensitivity of ultrasound scan in pneumothorax diagnosis was 89% (95 % CI – 86 – 91%). Specificity was 96% (CI – 95% – 97%). The diagnostic odds ratio was 193.94 (59.009 – 637.40) at 95% CI, thus demonstrating greater chest ultrasound accuracy in diagnosing pneumothorax. Conclusion: A definite evidence of chest ultrasound accuracy was noted in pneumothorax.