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Following the Curve?
  • Mike Kirkby,
  • Artemi Cerda
Mike Kirkby
University of Leeds School of Geography

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Artemi Cerda
Universitat de Valencia
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Output from a runoff generation models is compared here with information from field measurements, making use of 11 years data from rainfall and runoff events at the Sierra de Enguera Soil Erosion Experimental Station in Eastern Spain.. The model presented simulates overland storm flow on a sloping rough and unvegetated surface, representing an area of 320x320 m. Green-Ampt infiltration constants are randomly assigned to each cell in a 128x128 grid, and rectangular storms applied at a range of total amounts and intensities to simulate runoff at each transect across the area. A simple algebraic expression is developed to estimate total runoff and storage in terms of storm size and duration, and plot length, with parameters that reflect infiltration behaviour, and this expression is compared with the SCS curve number approach. Output of these simulations is compared with measured storm runoff data on bare runoff plots at the Sierra de Enguera experimental Station in SE Spain and gives further support to the proposed expression for storm runoff.