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Hermeneutic as a Means of Sustaining Peace 
  • Akintayo Sunday Olayinka
Akintayo Sunday Olayinka

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This paper presents the roles the interpretations of religion (or texts) and understanding of religion play in the sustainability of peace among the Yorùbá people of southwest Nigeria. The Yorùbá’s way of interacting and practising religion has remained moderately amiable over the last two centuries when compared with other communities in Nigeria. With attention on Yorùbá Christians and Muslims, this author examines some specific religious concepts and values that have been useful in guiding the two religions to retain their peace or return to dialogue table to refrain from violence and keep the peace. The paper argues that the interpretations of some religious terms and values among the Yorùbá enhance their pursuance of peace.
Please note: The bulk of this article is taken from chapter 8 of the author's doctoral dissertation with a few amendments to suit this journal.