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New Lump Solutions for Spatio-Temporal Dispersion (1+1)-Dimensional Ito-Equation
  • Maha Shehata,
  • Emad Zahran,
  • Ahmet Bekir
Maha Shehata
Zagazig University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Emad Zahran
Benha University
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Ahmet Bekir
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From point of view of two different schemas several new impressive lump solutions to (1+1)-dimensional Ito equation have been established. The first schema is the Paul-Painleve approach method (PPAM) which will be applied perfectly to extract multiple lump solutions of this model, while the second schema is the famous one of the ansatze method and has personal profile named the Ricatti-Bernolli Sub-ODE method. In related subject the numerical solutions corresponding to all lump solutions achieved via each method have been demonstrated individually in the framework of the variational iteration method (VIM).