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A retrospective review of cancer surveillance in 100 head and neck cancer patients: Is there scope for a more tailored approach?
  • muhammad ibaad ur rehman alvi,
  • Eli Jack Eagles,
  • David Hamilton
muhammad ibaad ur rehman alvi
Freeman Hospital

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Eli Jack Eagles
Newcastle University
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David Hamilton
Freeman Hospital
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5 succinct/key points 1. There is a considerable burden to outpatient head and neck cancer (HaNC) surveillance, and it is unclear to what extent the current recommendations facilitate the detection of HaNC. 2. Our 100 patient retrospective analysis demonstrated three asymptomatic recurrences (all within the first year of follow up) and 20 symptomatic recurrences (mean time to recurrence of 21.4 months). 3. Seventy-four percent of those patients who recurred did so within the first two years following primary treatment, increasing up to 83% by three years. 4. We believe the value of routine follow up is more apparent within the first two to three years following primary treatment as this is when the rate of recurrence is highest. 5. We anticipate larger trials investigating the efficacy of an initial two years of frequent follow up followed by longer-term patient-led follow up.
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Jan 2022Published in Clinical Otolaryngology volume 47 issue 1 on pages 207-211. 10.1111/coa.13862