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Have we been doing it all wrong? The role of “super-especialists” doctors in COVID-19 pandemic and Medicine 4.0 era.
  • Valdano Manuel,
  • Lucas Figueredo Cardoso
University of Sao Paulo Heart Institute

Corresponding Author:gustavo_guerreiro@hotmail.com

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Valdano Manuel
Clinica Girassol
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Lucas Figueredo Cardoso
University of Sao Paulo Heart Institute
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During the COVID-19 pandemic, many specialists doctors found themselves in a situation that they had not faced for a long time: treating patients out of their subarea of expertise. The possibilities of teaching and learning through the modalities of webinars brought to these days the urgent necessity for teamwork and interdisciplinary approach, taking advantage of different areas of expertise to the same patient. With the amount of papers published and the speed at which data are accessed, and analyzed it is impossible to be aware of new findings in all medical areas. The lesson that the COVID-19 pandemic brought to us was the urgent need for the interdisciplinary approach to treating better our patients, and not only each disease they present with. We must review our traditional approach to medical students, residents, colleagues, and patients in which we became stuck to distance and time obstacles. We must use the technology on our behalf to offer the best treatment and follow-up for patients. We live now in the Medicine 4.0 era. As Darwin a long time ago proved: we must evolve!
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