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  • Eda Altun,
  • Saime Paydas,
  • Bulent Kaya,
  • Mustafa Balal
Eda Altun
Cukurova University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Saime Paydas
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Bulent Kaya
Cukurova Universitesi Tip Fakultesi
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Mustafa Balal
Cukurova Universitesi Tip Fakultesi
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Abstract: Because of chronic and progressive nature of disease congestive heart failure become standart therapies. Peritoneal dialysis (PD) has been reported as a long-term maintenance treatment of refracter congestive heart failure (RCHF).In this study, we aimed to evaluate the outcome of patients with RCHF, treated with PD in our center. Patients and methods: Twenty-four incident PD patients with RCHF and chronic kidney disease stage IV. The CAPD programme consisted of 2–3 exchanges daily and one exchange nightly. In follow-up period clinical and echocardiographic biochemical findings and requirement of hospitalization were recorded. Results: Fifteen patients (66.7%) were male and mean age was 62,75 years. The etiology of congestive heart failure were hypertensive cardiomyopathy (5), ischemic coronary artery disease (12), diabetes mellitus (6), dilated cardiomyopathy (1). Under the PD treatment the average daily urine volume and ultrafiltration of the patients were 800-1000 ml and 1000-15000 ml respectively. Ten patients were followed for 24 months, eight patients were followed for 12 months. During the follow up period, there were regression in class of heart failure of NYHA (class IV to class II in 18 patients) , decrease in the body weights and an increase of serum sodium levels in all patients. Only 2 patients were hospitalised for cardiovascular disase in 2 years. During the follow-up period, 1 patient was transferred to hemodialysis due to peritonitis. In conclusion; in patients with resistant congestive heart failure and non-dialysis chronic renal failure PD in addition to standard treatment, may be safe treatment choice.