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False aortic aneurysm due to proximal and distal tears after aortic replacement
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  • keita kamata,
  • mitsumasa hata,
  • Rei Hinoura,
  • susumu isaka,
  • Yusuke Ishii,
  • Shinji Wakui,
  • Masashi Tanaka
keita kamata

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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mitsumasa hata
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Rei Hinoura
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susumu isaka
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Yusuke Ishii
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Shinji Wakui
Nihon University Hospital
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Masashi Tanaka
Nihon Daigaku Igakubu Fuzoku Itabashi Byoin
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A 68-year-old woman who had been well for 2 years after ascending aortic graft replacement experienced sudden chest pain. Computed tomography showed a large false aortic aneurysm around the prosthesis. However, the patient was hemodynamically stable and did not have anemia. Emergency surgery under hypothermic circulatory arrest revealed tears at both the proximal and distal anastomotic sites and blood circulating from the proximal (exit) to the distal (entry) tears underneath the pericardium. To our knowledge, the present case represents a previously unreported pathology that will be of great interest to cardiologists and cardiac surgeons.