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Determination of Etiology for Exercise-Induced Dyspnea
  • Mutasim Abu-Hasan,
  • Rajeev Bhatia,
  • Miles Weinberger
Mutasim Abu-Hasan
University of Florida

Corresponding Author:mutasim_a@hotmail.com

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Rajeev Bhatia
Phoenix Children's Hospital
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Miles Weinberger
University of California San Diego
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Two recent publications in Pediatric Pulmonology had methodological limitations in evaluating exercise-induced dyspnea (EID). Testing that does not include concurrence of dyspnea with an abnormality may provide misleading information to the detriment of the patient. Reproducing the patient’s dyspnea during cardiopulmonary monitoring provides the etiology of at least 7 causes of EID, many of which may not otherwise be identified.