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Evaluation of the PRE-DELIRIC (PREdiction of DELIRium in ICu patients) delirium prediction model in intensive care units in Turkey
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  • Samet Sayılan,
  • Volkan Ozen,
  • Betul Tosun,
Samet Sayılan
Kirklareli Universitesi

Corresponding Author:sametsayilan@hotmail.com

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Volkan Ozen
Prof.Dr. Cemil Tascioglu City Hospital
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Betul Tosun
Hasan Kalyoncu University
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Kirklareli Universitesi
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Purpose: This methodological study was aimed to the Turkish adaptation and validation of the “PRE-DELIRIC Score” delirium prediction model in patients hospitalized in the ICU. Method: The study was conducted with patients who were treated in the ICUs of a training and research hospital between October 2019 and April 2020. The data were collected with (1) the Data Collection Form for the Descriptive Characteristics of the Subjects, (2) the PRE-DELIRIC Score, and (3) the Confusion Assessment Method for the ICU (CAM-ICU). The ROC analysis and diagnosis screening tests were used to determine the cut-off point according to the groups. The sensitivity and specificity characteristic of the score were calculated. Significance was evaluated at the p<0.05 level. Results: The study was completed with 172 patients. A statistically significant relationship was found between the cut-off point obtained for the PRE-DELIRIC Score (≥7.58%) and the groups (p= 0.003). The risk of being CAM-ICU positive was 7.404 times higher in patients with a PRE-DELIRIC Score of 7.58 or more (OR:7.404; 95% CI:1.638-33.469). Conclusion: The PRE-DELIRIC Score was evaluated in this study and the PRE-DELIRIC Score was found to be easy to administer with reliable results.
29 Sep 2022Published in Turkish Journal of Intensive Care volume 0 issue 0 on pages 0-0. 10.4274/tybd.galenos.2022.48243