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Sluder's neuralgia- A sequalae of nasogastric tube feeding
  • Joshna Naidu,
  • Anand Subash,
  • Vishal Rao
Joshna Naidu
Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd

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Anand Subash
HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd
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Vishal Rao
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Management of nutritional needs is of paramount importance in cancer patients and nasogastric feeding is the most common method. Nasal cavity being a richly innervated region, is also a hallway for the exposure of the same to external environment. Any trauma or pressure to these nerve endings result in unilateral headache mimicking Sluder’s neuralgia. Nasogastric tube may irritate the nasal mucosa and exert pressure on the nasal turbinates. We believe that the persistent headache in patients with NG tube is distinctly significant that it interferes with the physical comfort of patient. It also influences the sleep patterns, thereby causing repercussions in the emotional well-being. Head and neck oncologists being the primary clinicians, it is imperative to consider the Sluder’s neuralgia in patients with nasogastric tube feeding. This mandates a prospective study to describe the clinical features and the treatment of ‘NGT neuralgia’.
15 Dec 2020Submitted to Clinical Otolaryngology
16 Dec 2020Assigned to Editor
16 Dec 2020Submission Checks Completed
20 Dec 2020Editorial Decision: Revise Minor