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A study on eccentric occluder via ultra minimal incision of Double committed ventricular septal defect
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  • Qiang Gao,
  • Jie Jin,
  • Zewei Zhang,
  • Lianglong Ma,
  • Jianhua Li,
  • Jiangen Yu
Qiang Gao

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Zewei Zhang
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Lianglong Ma
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Jianhua Li
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Jiangen Yu
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Object: To compare the clinical data of sternotomy and left intercostals incision, combined with the literature, to provide the best surgical incision for committed subarterial ventricular septal defect(DCS-VSD). Methods: From July 2016 to July 2020, a total of 117 cases of occlusion surgeries for DCSVSD, which guided by transoesophagel echocardiography(TEE) were completed, including 34 cases with sternotomy incision and 83 cases with left intercostal incision. Statistics and analysis of the operation and follow-up. Results: 115 cases successfully occluded, the successful rate was 98.29%, and 1 case failed in each group. Pericardial effusion occurred in 5 children after the drainage device was removed, and the pericardial effusion disappeared after diuretic treatment. There was no statistical difference between the two groups in operation time, occlusion time, thoracotomy time and postoperative hospital stay. All the children recovered and were discharged from the hospital, and were followed up for 2-30 months after operation. Conclusion: TEE-guided intercostal DCS-VSD occlusion is safe and effective. There is no statistical difference between two approach with the operation time, chest opening and closing time, occluder placing time, and postoperative hospital staying. At the same time, the surgical incision by intercostal incisionis smaller and the operation invasion is less, it is a surgical approach which worth to develop.
10 Nov 2020Submitted to Journal of Cardiac Surgery
10 Dec 2020Assigned to Editor
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20 Dec 2020Reviewer(s) Assigned
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08 Feb 2021Editorial Decision: Accept