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Chromosome genome assembly and annotation of Artocarpus Nanchuanensis with Nanopore and Hi-C sequencing data
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  • Jiaoyu He,
  • Shanfei bao,
  • Junhang Deng,
  • Qiufu Li,
  • zhilin song,
  • yanru cui,
  • yiran liu,
  • xia wei,
  • Xianping Ding,
  • kehui ke,
  • Chaojie Chen
Jiaoyu He

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Shanfei bao
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Junhang Deng
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zhilin song
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Xianping Ding
Sichuan University
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Chaojie Chen
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The A.nanchuanensis (Artocarpus Nanchuanensis, Moraceae) is an evergreen Artocarpus genus representative tree species in the northernmost natural distribution and one of the extremely endangered tree species in China. In this study, we obtained a high-quality chromosome-scale genome assembly and annotation for A.nanchuanensis using inter-grated approaches, including Illumina, Nanopore sequencing platform as well as Hi-C. A total of 128.71 gigabases (Gb) raw Nanopore Sequel reads were generated from 20 kb libraries. After filtering, 123.38 Gb clean reads were obtained, giving 160.34x coverage depth. The final assembled A.nanchuanensis genome was 769.44 Mb with a contig N50 of 2.09 Mb, and 99.62% (766.50 Mb) of the assembly data was assigned to 28 pseudochromosomes. Gene modelling predicted 41,636 protein-coding genes, of which 95.10% were annotated. The gene annotation completeness was evaluated by BUSCO, and 94.44% conserved genes could be found in the assembly data. The disclosure of A.nanchuanensis genome sequence information provides an important resource to expand our understanding of the molecular mechanism in its unique biological processes and nutritional, medicinal benefits.