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Quantum-chemical study of octafluoro-spirobi[triphosphazene]
  • Marian Gall,
  • Martin Breza
Marian Gall
Slovak Technical University, Intitute of Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Martin Breza
Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
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The geometries of monocharged and neutral octafluoro-spirobi[triphosphazene] in singlet, doublet and/or triplet ground spin states were optimized. Their electronic structures are investigated in terms of Quantum Theory of Atoms-in-Molecules and compared with neutral hexafluorocyclotriphosphazene. The change of the total molecular charge implies mainly the change of the properties of the nitrogen atoms which are bonded to the central spiro-phosphorus atom. The charged systems in singlet spin states have stable structures of D2d symmetry only unlike the remaining ones of C2 symmetry within two geometry types. The existence of the less symmetric structures can be fully explained as a consequence of the (pseudo-) Jahn-Teller effect.
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