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ElNoury - Webster bundle: a pre-emptive surgical approach for the management of morbidly low or adherent placenta
  • Amr Elnouri,
  • Dr Sophia Webster,
  • Diaa Abdelhalim
Amr Elnouri
Cairo University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Dr Sophia Webster
Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
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Diaa Abdelhalim
El-Galaa Teaching Hospital
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Placenta accreta spectrum and placenta praevia are a significant cause of obstetric haemorrhage, maternal morbidity and mortality worldwide. We report a novel surgical technique, which pre-emptively and prophylactically reduces intrapartum bleeding during caesarean sections for these conditions and hence reducing the risk for a caesarean hysterectomy. This technique is particularly useful in low resource healthcare settings where interventional radiology is not readily available and where the woman is keen on uterine preservation. In this report we present the surgical and clinical outcomes of a case series of 16 patients on whom this technique was piloted demonstrating its feasibility and safety.