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Excision of Atrial Myxomas is progressing from Median Sternotomy to Mini-Thoracotomy.
  • Yasser Mubarak
Yasser Mubarak
Minia University Faculty of Medicine

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Background: Atrial myxomas are rare benign tumors; causing obstructive or embolic complications, and even death, depending on their site and size. Therefore, once diagnosed, it should be surgically resected emergency. Atrial myxomas are present about 75% in left atrium (LA) and about 15% in right atrium (RA). Early diagnosis is a challenge because of nonspecific manifestations, and sometimes is asymptomatic and discovered accidentally during TTE. Objective: Minimally invasive cardiac surgery (MICS) has benefits include cosmetically, less pain, shorter intensive care unit (ICU) and hospital stay. Methods: From Jan. 2011 to Sept. 2020, (20) patients (10 Sternotomy, 10 MI) underwent surgery for isolated resection of atrial myxoma. We reported outcomes; cardiopulmonary bypass time (CPB), cross-clamp time, conversion to median ST, length of stay, complications (stroke, renal failure, respiratory failure, reoperation, and infection),pain, patients satisfaction, recurrence and survival. Mean follow-up time was 6 month. Results: There is no significant difference in CPB or cross-clamp time between groups. No MI cases required conversion to a median ST. Length of stay is shorter in the MI group by 2.2 days (p = 0.045). There is no difference in morbidity or mortality between groups. Conclusions: A minimally invasive approach for atrial myxoma resection is safe, feasible, and favored over sternotomy.