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The role of hospital pharmacists in clinical practice of hospital pharmaceutical care: a review
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  • Gui-ju TANG,
  • Ji-Ting Wang,
  • Yong Xu,
  • Ya-Ling Li

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Gui-ju TANG
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Ji-Ting Wang
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Ya-Ling Li
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With the changes of the times and the growth of public demand for medical services, the service objects, service contents and service approaches of hospital pharmacists are also changing and increasing. By summarizing the changes of hospital pharmacists' practice in hospitals and their contributions to the improvement of hospital service quality in the practice of hospital pharmaceutical care, this paper hopes that more doctors, nurses and patients can have a more in-depth understanding of the specific work of pharmacists, which, at the same time, will also provide some reference for pharmacists at home and abroad to optimize the level of pharmaceutical care. Compared with doctors and nurses, hospital pharmacists have a much more systematic and professional drug knowledge system and service concept, which can guarantee that they can undertake the responsibilities of rational use of drugs, control of medical expenditure, guarantee of efficacy, reduction of medical risks, reduction of doctors' workload, improvement of national health and so on. After years of practice and research, pharmacists have gradually realized their own value and established professional needs through hospital pharmaceutical care.