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Positive charge in the complementarity-determining regions of synthetic nanobody-Fc fusion prevents aggregation
  • Zhenwei Zhong
Zhenwei Zhong
Origincell Science and Technology Group Limited

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In the past, specificity and affinity were the priority for synthetic antibody library. However, therapeutic antibodies need good stability for medical use. Through carefully adjust the chemical diversity in CDRs, one hopes to design a synthetic antibody library with good developability. Here we thoroughly analyzed 296 nanobody sequences and structures, constructed a fully-functional synthetic nanobody library, evaluated the relationship between aggregation and isoelectric point, and found that high-pI nanobodies were more resistant to aggregation than low-pIs. As we used the same framework for constructing the library, CDRs charge played a crucial role in mediating nanobody aggregation. We also analyzed the theoretical pI of 296 nanobodies from PDB, about 75% had basic pI, only 25% were acidic. Those results provided useful guidelines for designing next-generation synthetic nanobody libraries and for identifying potent and safe nanobody therapeutics.