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K+[K(CO)8]-: an antipodal crystalline salt of alkalide [K(C222)]+K-
  • xiaoyong yang
xiaoyong yang
Qilu University of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Here we propose an antipodal conjecture, which is based on the synthetic scheme of alkalide [K(C222)]+K- , to prepare K+[K(CO)8]-. By introducing the concept of antipodal salts of alkalides, K+[K(CO)8]- is defined as antipodal salt of [K(C222)]+K-. As Group 1 elements of the Periodic Table, the alkali metal K is conventionally considered to form chemical bonding through its 4s and 4p valence orbitals. Our theoretical results show that the 3d orbitals of K element in >[K(CO)8]- participate in chemical bonding of >[K(CO)8]-. This makes the alkali metal K shows typical transition metal chemical properties, which also provides the possibility for the synthesis of K+[K(CO)8]-. Based on the Born-Haber thermodynamic cycle, the upper-limit stable temperature of K+[K(CO)8]- is estimated to be 24.426 K . Our theoretical results indicate that antipodal salts of alkalides will be a new family of compounds with good synthetic prospects.