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Central Airway Issues in BPD
  • Erik Hysinger
Erik Hysinger
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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While there is a very large focus on the abnormalities of parenchymal lung development and extensive efforts to minimize alveolar damage with “gentle ventilation” and non-invasive respiratory support for neonates with bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD), there is relatively little consideration for the implications of central airway disease in this patient population. There are significant changes in the structure and conformation of the central airway during the last half of gestation, and premature birth disrupts this natural developmental process. Arrest of maturation results in a smaller airway that is more compliant, easier to deform, and more susceptible to damage. Consequently, neonates with BPD are prone to developing central airway pathology, particularly for patient that require intubation and positive pressure ventilation. Central airway disease can be divided in dynamic and fixed airway obstruction and results in increased respiratory morbidity in neonates with chronic lung disease of prematurity.
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