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Study on NO selective adsorption performance of Rh/MOF-177
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  • fushun Tang,
  • Ying Zhai,
  • Shengchen Li,
  • Lei Li,
  • Xiaxia Wei,
  • Jie Hu,
  • Le Ruan,
  • Zhe Zhang
fushun Tang

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Shengchen Li
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Xiaxia Wei
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In this paper, the NO adsorption performance of Rh/MOF-177 was studied by pulse method. Based on further confirming the literature molecular simulation results which NO, O2 and CO2 were adsorbed very little and N2 was hardly adsorbed, it was found that the MOF-177 material showed great carrier function, and promoted the atomic-sized high dispersion and stability of almost supported Rh particles on MOF-177. The adsorption properties of NO was greatly improved after Rh was introduced into MOF-177 which the adsorption capacity of Rh/MOF-177 with 3% Rh loading can reach about 310×10-3 mmol∙g-1 by pulse method and was about 15-20 times higher than that of O2 and CO2 with near 90% adsorption selectivity in simulated flue gas atmosphere. The NO adsorption capacity of Rh/MOF-177 was related to the reduced Rh0 which one reduced Rh0 adsorbed three NO molecules, and NO adsorption form on Rh/MOF-177 should be a trinitro-group (Rh(NO)3) species.