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  • Dr. Idiberto Jose Zotarelli Filho, MSc, Ph.D
Dr. Idiberto Jose Zotarelli Filho, MSc, Ph.D

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Objective: To carry out an epidemiological analysis characterizing the type and location of the injury, severity based on recovery time, game position, and injury for hours of exposure. Methods: Data collection was carried out in the sub 15, sub 17, and sub 20 categories and verified records made by the medical team of the club, which was trained to use the F-MARC form (a form of the medical research center of the International Football Federation-FIFA) at the beginning of the season. To perform the data analysis, the GraphPad Prism software was used. All variables were analyzed using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test. Results: In relation to the 129 athletes monitored during the season, 62 athletes presented some injury during the season, presenting 42.2 injuries for every 1000 hours of play, the Sub 15 category was the one with the highest incidence of injury, followed by the Sub17 and U20. The average time of leave after injury was 3.65 ± 4.2 weeks, the Defenders were the ones with the highest injury rate. There were 27 articular injuries (43.54%), 25 muscle injuries (40.32%), 9 bone injuries (15.41%), and one pathological injury (1.61%), and the most affected regions were ankle and knee. Conclusion: It is concluded that the moment of the game is the moment when the greatest number of injuries occurs, having a greater incidence in the athletes of the category Sub 15, the Defenders suffered more injuries and the Lower Limbs were more affected, mainly by articular traumas.