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Association between beta 2 adrenergic receptor genetic polymorphisms and salbutamol responsiveness in asthmatic patients: a meta-analysis
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  • Yuanmin Jia,
  • Haixia Wang,
  • Mo Yi,
  • Yizhang Li,
  • Chenxiao Bai,
  • Di Jiang,
  • Ou Chen
Yuanmin Jia
Shandong University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Haixia Wang
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Yizhang Li
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Chenxiao Bai
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Aim: There are inter-individual variations in the impact of the Beta-2 adrenergic receptor (ADRB2) polymorphisms on salbutamol response in asthmatic patients. We performed this meta-analysis to investigate the relationship between ADRB2 Arg16Gly and Gln27Glu polymorphisms and salbutamol responsiveness. Methods: Eight cyber databases (PubMed, EMbase, Web of Science, The Cochrane Library, CBM, CNKI, WanFang Date and VIP) were searched to select eligible studies until August 2020. Odds ratio (OR) and 95% confidence interval (CI) were calculated to assess the strength of the association. Results: According to the inclusion and exclusion criteria, eight studies involving 894 patients were recruited. There was a clear relationship between the Arg16Gly polymorphism and salbutamol response [AG vs. AA: OR=1.470, 95%CI (1.046, 2.066), P=0.026; GG+AA vs. AG: OR=0.668, 95%CI (0.502, 0.889), P=0.006]. Stratified analysis by age revealed significant association in adult asthmatics [AG vs. AA: OR=1.894, 95%CI (1.262, 2.843), P=0.002; GG+AA vs. AG: OR=0.597, 95%CI (0.426, 0.837), P=0.003]. Caucasian and Asian patients with the AG genotype showed a good response to salbutamol compared to those with the GG+AA or AA genotypes, respectively. However, the association among the Gln27Glu polymorphism and salbutamol response was not significant. Conclusions: The findings suggest that the ADRB2 gene Arg16Gly polymorphism may predict salbutamol responsiveness in asthmatic patients. The patients with the AG genotype are likely to show a greater response to salbutamol in comparison to those with the AA or GG+AA genotypes, especially in adult asthmatics. There may be no association between the Gln27Glu polymorphism and salbutamol response.