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New understanding of TFEB and autophagy in the development of endometriosis:review
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  • qiuyu chen,
  • yu zhao,
  • sennan zhu,
  • yao chen,
  • Chenxi Dai,
  • Zongwen Liang,
  • qiong zhang
qiuyu chen

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Endometriosis is a benign gynecologic disease, but it is similar in behavior to malignant tumors, so it is called “benign gynecologic cancer”. At present, its pathogenesis is not fully understand. Autophagy has been the focus of recent research on various diseases, which has also been shown to have regulatory abnormalities in endometriosis. TFEB is a key regulator of autophagy. The upstream signal molecules and downstream effector proteins of TFEB have abnormal expression in endometriosis. So TFEB may be an effective target for controlling the development of endometriosis. This review aims to discuss the relationship between TFEB and endometriosis.