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CoronaVirus: medical management in a developed country i.e. China versus a developing country i.e. India.    
  • Dr. Vedica Sethi
Dr. Vedica Sethi

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The global pandemic of 2020: The COVID- 19 is responsible for the worst public health emergency worldwide, as declared by WHO in January of 2020. The disease first began in a small city named Wuhan in Hubei province of China with the clinical presentation of viral pneumonia which has led to a worldwide pandemic. As the name suggests, we are well aware that the diseases is transmitted in aerosols and thus, led the world population into isolation, quarantine and social distancing, another cause of deteriorating mental health. Anyhow, this project focuses on analyzing the accessible information, through research papers, peer- reviewed and non-peer reviewed to understand the medical management of Coronavirus based on the pandemic, morphology, qualitative and quantitative impact of COVID-19, in the world’s two biggest economies- China and India. As understood, coronaviruses are typically known to cause infections in vertebrate mammals and avian populace with symptoms ranging from mild distress to septic shock with renal failure. The worldwide spread of the virus has resulted in large number of deaths, without providing us with the ultimate cure. As of now, there is no vaccination available, leaving us helpless. The best treatment for now, is to self- isolate and avoidance of human contact to forestall the contraction of this infection. The WHO, individual researchers, healthcare organizations and well established pharmaceuticals have been working around the clock to best discover an Antibody against Coronavirus, to the fix the battle against coronavirus. Fortunately, there have been a few vaccine trials have begun and succeeded until this hour. But, we have to study the infection with the goal that we can cure, and if not cure at least eliminate the disease.