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Measurement of Uterine Cavity Shape of Adult Female on Coronal Section by Three-dimensional Ultrasound
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  • Yaxiao Chen,
  • Na Di,
  • Shuying Feng,
  • Hong Ding,
  • Tingting Xiang,
  • Tingting Ma
Yaxiao Chen

Corresponding Author:chenyax5@mail.sysu.edu.cn

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Shuying Feng
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Tingting Xiang
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Tingting Ma
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Objective: To describe the measurement of uterine cavity shape on coronal section by three-dimensional ultrasound in Chinese adult female population. Methods: A cross-sectional observational study including 172 adult females with normal uterine cavity was performed and all participants underwent transvaginal two-dimensional and three-dimensional ultrasonography. Seven measurements (uterine cavity width, uterine cavity length, internal os width, lateral indentation depth, lateral indentation angle, cornual angle, uterine cavity area ) were determined and evaluated on coronal plane of uterus. Results: The mean age of the participants included was 29.8±5.4 years. 95% reference range of uterine cavity length, uterine cavity width, internal os width, cornual angle, lateral indentation angle and lateral indentation depth were estimated as 26-38 mm, 25-40 mm, 4-11mm, 39-88°, 131-171° and 0.8-6.4 mm, respectively. The mean uterine cavity area was 5.5±1.3 cm² and the range of 95% reference value was 3.0-8.0 cm2. Conclusion: Our research showed that a normal uterine cavity in adult women of childbearing age had lateral indentation depth ≤7mm, lateral indentation angle ≥130° and cornual angle ≥40°. The width of the uterine cavity measured on the coronal plane less than 22mm and the uterine cavity area less than 3cm2 can be considered smaller than normal.