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Study of induced gravity and correlation theory analysis of nuclear Synthesis chemical elements
  • wen bing xiong wen
wen bing xiong wen
China Guangxi Mona Lisa New Materials Co., Ltd., Guangxi,

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Abstract: Modern aerodynamics is the dynamics of gas propulsion. It requires precise data, material resources, manpower, and time. It is urgent to find a more suitable power source. Based on the gravitational effects of dark energy and dark matter, the cyclic process of cosmic physics black holes to odd black holes and dark energy black holes, special fusion and fission phenomena are common in the universe, and theoretical studies such as Einstein’s general theory of relativity are no exception. Through the study of the source of cosmic elements, the formation environment of stellar elements, the theory and method of modern physical artificial elements,as well as atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs, and nuclear reactors to precipitate elemental products,we have designed a device which can synthesize physically stable elements and discover new chemical elements. A device capable of synthesizing physically stable elements and discovering new chemical elements is designed.