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RNA + peptide editing in small soluble lipid binding proteins, a new theory for the origin of life on Earth’s crust
  • Jean-François Picimbon
Jean-François Picimbon
Qilu University of Technology School of Bioengineering

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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“RNA + peptide editing are two successive independent mechanisms needed in order to make a panoply of new functional isoforms in a variety of binding protein families”. I present the specificities of ‘Chemosensory Proteins’ CSPs in insects and argue about their potential role in life origins and evolution. In particular, I address the relatedness of the observed mutations in insect CSPs to the origin of life. I describe the observed mutations in these CSPs in several insect species are occuring via various mechanisms, RNA editing and/or during protein synthesis, and propose that such mechanism could have been important in the emergence and evolution of life on the Earth’s crust.