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Potential Agents Therapy Strategies Rounding up Immunopathology of COVID-19
  • Hong Peng Li,
  • Liu Zhang,
  • Li Qing Yun
Hong Peng Li

Corresponding Author:lihongpengbox@outlook.com

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Li Qing Yun
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The novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, which has resulted in nearly 700 thousand deaths, is rapidly spreading across the globe despite drastic public and personal health measures. As showed in Figure 1, the direct attack from SARS-CoV-2 and hyperactivated immune response contribute to the progress and deterioration of COVID-19 infection. Eliminating virus and blocking cytokine are important check-points of COVID-19 therapy. Based on our successful experience in Wuhan and current progress of the therapeutic strategies, several agents targeting immunopathology have displayed marked effects on COVID-19 patients, including interferons, immunoglobulin, and glucocorticoid, etc. Here, we want to review the novel progress of therapy strategies related to immunopathology and share our Wuhan experience with the colleagues in the field by reviewing the underlying the pharmacologic mechanisms of these agents.