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A further generalization of the Catalan numbers and its explicit formula and integral representation
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  • Wen-Hui Li,
  • Feng Qi,
  • Omran Kouba,
  • Issam Kaddoura
Wen-Hui Li
Zhengzhou University of Science and Technology
Feng Qi
Tiangong University, Henan Polytechnic University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

Author Profile
Omran Kouba
Higher Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology, Syria
Issam Kaddoura
International University of Beirut, Lebanese International University, Lebanon


In the paper, motivated by the generating function of the Catalan numbers in combinatorial number theory and with the aid of Cauchy's integral formula in complex analysis, the authors generalize the Catalan numbers and its generating function, establish an explicit formula and an integral representation for the generalization of the Catalan numbers and corresponding generating function, and derive several integral formulas and combinatorial identities.