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Modelling of the changes in land cover in the forest of Sidi Bel'Abbes between 1987 and 2018 and the impact of fires on soil evolution in western Algeria
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  • ayache abbassia,
  • hellal benchaabane,
  • ayad nadera,
  • bouchenafa nadia
ayache abbassia
Universite Djillali Liabes de Sidi Bel Abbes

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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hellal benchaabane
Universite Ibn Khaldoun Tiaret
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ayad nadera
Universite Djillali Liabes de Sidi Bel Abbes
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bouchenafa nadia
Ibn Khaldoun University Tiaret
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The aim of our study is to know the rate of restoration, the reconstitution of the forest landscape and the impact of fires on the resilience of the soils of the Tenira forest. The frequent fires in the latter are one of the main major disruptive factors for the various components of the soil, regeneration and their dynamics. The uses of remote sensing data reduce the cost and time required to assess damage in the forest. It periodically and automatically provides information on very large areas and on several spectral bands. Our approach is based on the chronic study of this forest through the use of landsat sensor data, after collecting real field data. A supervised classification was applied to the selected images in order to identify the types of soils and the vegetation. The analysis of the results obtained showed remarkable of dominance agricultural soils of the type calcisols, calcaric fluvisols and the regeneration of the forest cover in the study area. There is also an increase areas cleared for agriculture which has accelerated soil erosion in this region. Indeed, the intensification of crops requires an increase in inputs which can lead to a decrease in the biological activities of the soil, in particular earthworms. This type of vegetation existing after this fire; indicates the low water storage capacity and the high risk of erosion. The final results generally showed that the rate of recovery of land use and type of soils in the Tenira forest has changed considerably.