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Clinical characteristics and perinatal outcomes of women with COVID-19 in Wuhan: retrospective case series
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  • Hao Zeng,
  • Yujie Liu,
  • Lan Dong,
  • Qifan Zhang,
  • Shengmin Zhao,
  • Luowen Xin,
  • Panwen Tian,
  • Zhixin Huang
Hao Zeng

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Qifan Zhang
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Shengmin Zhao
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Luowen Xin
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Zhixin Huang
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Background This study was undertaken to evaluate the clinical characteristics and perinatal outcomes of pregnant women with COVID-19 in different trimesters and to determine the possibility of vertical transmission of the disease. Methods Medical records of 25 consecutive pregnant women with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 who were admitted to Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University, Wuhan, China, from Feb 1 to Mar 20, 2020 were reviewed. Results Eleven cases were in early and middle pregnancy, and 14 cases were in late pregnancy. Seven of 25 women (28.0%) had mild disease, 15 (60.0%) had moderate disease, and 3 (12.0%) had severe disease. The most common symptoms of patients were fever (48.0%) and cough (48.0%), though 7 (28.0%) of them were asymptomatic at admission. Fever was more prevalent in early and middle pregnancy than in late pregnancy (72.7% vs. 28.6%, P=0.028). Among patients in early and middle pregnancy, there were 1 spontaneous abortion and 3 induced abortions, but no intrauterine growth restriction was observed among ongoing pregnancies. All 14 patients in late pregnancy underwent a cesarean section, with 4 premature deliveries (28.6%). No neonatal asphyxia or death was recorded. Nasopharyngeal swab samples from 6 neonates were tested for SARZ-CoV-2, and all were negative. In one neonate, the anal swab was positive for SARS-CoV-2, and IgG and IgM were increased. Conclusions The clinical characteristics of COVID-19 in early and middle pregnant women were similar to those in late pregnancy. There is a potential risk of vertical transmission in SARS-CoV-2.