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Herbal Treatment of Female Urogenital Atrophy Results of a Retrospective Cohort Analysis
  • Dorin Ritzmann
Dorin Ritzmann

Corresponding Author:dorin.ritzmann@buran.ch

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The efficacy and applicability of a phytotherapeutic treatment of female urogenital atrophy and its sequelae (genital dryness, urinary bladder problems and painful genital touch) are investigated. The treatment consists of a compounded preparation delivered as a vag-inal ovulum (Dioscorea comp. Ovulum). 26 women with urogenital atrophy and / or symptoms associated with atrophy. One Dioscorea comp. Ovulum à 1g daily for eight weeks, followed by two Dioscorea comp. Ovula à 3g weekly for at least 3 months. Vaginal Maturation Index and subjective atrophy-associated com-plaints are recorded during the initial examination and at three-month intervals. Retrospective data analysis of a patient population over a period of 42 months. Initial cohort of 26 patients, 3 drop outs. 19 of the remaining 23 pa-tients with urogenital atrophy, 4 with symptoms only. The response rate to eutrophic vaginal epithelium is 84% (16 out of 19). A subjec-tive decrease in symptoms is achieved by 96% (22 out of 23): genital dryness decreased by 87% (1.80 to 0.25 score points), bladder prob-lems by 69% (2.33 to 0.73 score points), painful genital touch by 66% (1.64 to 0.55 score points). Application, tolerability and medical safe-ty are very good. The phytotherapeutic compounded preparation Dioscorea comp. Ovulum is suitable for the treatment of urogenital atrophy and its sequelae. After at least three months, 22 out of 23 of patients experi-ence a marked reduction in symptoms and 16 out of 19 have eu-trophic vaginal epithelium. The study was approved by the Ethics Commission of the Canton of Zurich (BASEC 2016-01982).