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Evaluation of the temporal variations of groundwater storage and its interactions with climatic variables using remotely sensed data
  • Behnam Khorrami,
  • Orhan Gunduz
Behnam Khorrami
Dokuz Eylul Universitesi

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Orhan Gunduz
Dokuz Eylül University
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Monitoring of the fluctuations of groundwater storage is particularly important in arid and semi-arid regions where water scarcity brings about various challenges. Remote sensing data and techniques play a preponderant role in developing solutions to environmental problems. Emergence of GRACE satellites have eased the remote monitoring and evaluation of groundwater resources with an unprecedented precision over large scales. Within the scope of the current study, the latest release of GRACE Mascon’s dataset as well as GLDAS models of Noah and CLSM were integrated to extract groundwater storage anomalies (GWSA) over Turkey. The temporal interactions of the estimated GWSA with the climatic variables of precipitation and temperature (derived from the reanalysis datasets of CHELSA and FLDAS, respectively) were investigated statistically. The results suggest the there is a descending trend for TWSA and GWSA over Turkey with a total loss of 11 and 6 cm respectively. The statistical analysis results also indicate that the monthly variations of GWS over Turkey are highly correlated with precipitation and temperature at 2-month lag. The analysis of the climatology (long-term) values of monthly GWSA, precipitation and temperature also revealed high agreement between the variables.
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