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Effect of memory-dependent derivative on generalized thermoelastic rotating porous medium within 3PHL
  • Mohamed Othman,
  • Sudip Mondal,
  • Abhik Sur
Mohamed Othman
Faculty of Science

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Sudip Mondal
Basirhat College
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Abhik Sur
Sister Nivedita University
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The aim of the present study is concerned with the effect of rotation of thermoelastic material with voids under the effect of three-phase-lag memory dependent heat transport law. The entire porous medium is rotating with a uniform angular velocity, where the bounding plane is subjected to a thermal shock and is free of tractions. Employing the normal mode analysis, the exact expressions for the displacement components, stresses, temperature distribution and change in volume fraction field have been depicted graphically in the presence and the absence of rotation and memory dependent derivative. The effect of void is also discussed in the literature survey.