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Misdiagnosis of large area cerebral infarction caused by left atrial myxoma
  • Donglan Mei,
  • Hairong Wang
Donglan Mei

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Hairong Wang
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The patient, a 32- year-old female, was admitted in our emergency department at 00:00 after a quarrel accompanied. Physical examination: pulse73times/min, blood pressure 130/70mmHg. The mind is clear, unwilling to speak, nasal lip ditch was normal,The heart boundary was found to be normal.the limbs is weak, can hold the examiner’s hands, Bilateral sense symmetry existed, both pathological signs were negative and meninges was negative. Electrocardiogram(ECG) and skull CT had no obvious abnormal. The patient appeared increasing consciousness disorder, vomited several times at 15:00, MRI: large cerebral infarction in the left basal ganglia region and left frontal temporal parietal lobe.Because of brain edema, increasing intracranial pressure, cerebral hernia,Then she was administered an operation of Left craniotomy. When the condition was stable , she returned to her hometown for surgery, pathology was confirmed as myxoma.