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Disability-adjusted Life Years for Acute Bronchiolitis
  • jefferson buendia
jefferson buendia
University of Antioquia

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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BACKGROUND: The burden of disease generated by acute bronchiolitis (AB) in infants is unknown in developing countries. Evidence on the disease burden is important for decision-making processes within the health sector. The objective of the present study is to determine the Disability-Adjusted Life Years in a middle-income country METHODS: DALYs were calculated, using the methodology of Global Burden of Disease Study, for the following health outcomes of AB: AB uncomplicated, AB with complications, AB with severe complications, with long term complications. To estimate the DALY of each outcome, we performed a systematic review of evidence and complemented with information from the national epidemiological surveillance system. Sensibility analysis was made using a bootstrapped method with 10000 iterations in package DALY calculator of R program. RESULTS: In 2019, we estimated that 482 993 years of life (IC 95% 366 565- 690 294) were lost due to AB in infants. The rate of DALYs estimated for AB with mild complications were 19 DALYs / 1000 person-year, 6 DALYs / 1000 person-year for AB with severe complications, 6 DALYs / 1000 person-year for AB uncomplicated CONCLUSION: The burden of AB is a serious problem in Colombia, with a considerable social impact in terms of disability and mortality. It is necessary novel pharmacological strategies to minimize the impact of this serious problem in Colombia.