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Competing‐risks model for predicting the prognosis of stage Ⅱ colon cancer
  • Fu-qiang Zhao,
  • Ying Sun
Fu-qiang Zhao

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Objectives: This study performed a competing‐risks analysis using data from the SEER database on stage Ⅱ colon cancer patients with the aim of identifying more accurate prognostic factors. Methods: Data on patients with stage Ⅱ colon cancer were extracted from the SEER database. A univariate analysis used the cumulative incidence function and Gray’s test, while multivariate analysis was performed using the Fine‐Gray model. Cumulative hazards were compared with a competing‐risks model constructed using KaplanMeier estimation. Results: The multivariate Fine‐Gray analysis indicated that grade Ⅲ/Ⅳ, stage T4, number of lymph nodes (nLN<12) were statistically significant. The results obtained using multivariate Cox regression were different, while Kaplan‐Meier curve analysis led to an overestimation of the cumulative risk of stage Ⅱ colon cancer patients. Conclusions: This study established a competing‐risks analysis model for the first time based on the SEER database for the risk assessment of stage Ⅱ colon cancer patients. The results may help clinicians to better understand stage Ⅱ colon cancer and provide these patients with more appropriate support.