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Fatigue-based model for the droplet impingement erosion incubation period of metallic surfaces
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  • Henk Slot,
  • Dave Matthews,
  • Dik Schipper,
  • Emile Heide
Henk Slot

Corresponding Author:henk.slot@tno.nl

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Dave Matthews
University of Twente
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Dik Schipper
University of Twente
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Emile Heide
University of Twente
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Droplet impingement of metallic surfaces at high impact velocities results, after some time, in erosion of the surface due to fatigue. By extending our previously published analytical model to enable the use of experimental fatigue data (S-N curves), here, for the first time, a wide range of experimental liquid droplet erosion incubation period test states for both ferrous (stainless steel AISI 316) and non-ferrous (aluminium 6061-T6) engineering metals have been investigated. To achieve this, the developed model includes additional surface hardening and a residual compressive stress state at the surface due to a water drop peening effect. As such, the interrelation of the physical and mechanical properties that follows from the model has been used to identify how changes in selected metal properties might enhance droplet impingement erosion incubation life. Model predictions for both metals, using fatigue data from S-N curves from different literature sources, showed for the droplet impact velocity range of 140 to 400 m/s an excellent agreement with results from a multi-regression equation as determined from an ASTM interlaboratory test program.
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