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Retrospective Analysis of total COVID-19 Cases and Comparison of Case Fatality and Recovery Rates Among States of India After First and Second Phases of Lockdown
  • Narasimha Kumar G .V.,
  • Suneel Prajapati,
  • Chitra v
Narasimha Kumar G .V.

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Suneel Prajapati
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Chitra v
SRM College of Pharmacy


Background & Objectives:  Testing rates, Case fatality rate (CFR), and Recovery rates (RR) are important parameters for assessing the measures taken in fighting during epidemics and pandemics. The present study was carried out to estimate average tests/day the, % of confirmed cases and compare the CFR and RR during the pandemic of COVID-19 in the states of India after completion of the 1st& 2nd phases of lockdown.Methods:  The data were retrieved from accurate databases including the Ministry of Health and family welfare, Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, COVID19 India, and the World Health Organization. States with total cases ≥ 100 were included in the study and 1st phase of lockdown were commenced from 22nd March to 14th April 2020 & 2nd phase of lockdown was from 15th April to 03rd May 2020Results:  32 states have reported COVID 19 as of 3rd May 2020. Average tests/day, RR have improved, and % of confirmed cases, CFR have decreased among Indian states when compared after 1st& 2nd phases of lockdown.Conclusion:  Indian states have shown improvement with testing and mitigation measures to fight against COVID 19 as evidenced by a decrease in % of confirmed cases, CFR, and improvement in RR. Apart from that, employing mass testing and epidemiological studies will expand the screening of asymptomatic cases. Also, case studies with a detailed medical history and scoring CFR alongside RR should be adopted in hospitals, which may be helpful in exactly pointing the hotspots of infection.