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Thermal properties and Fisher information for diatomic molecular Hellman-modified-Kratzer potential model
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  • Akpan Ikot,
  • Uduakobong Okorie,
  • Gaotsiwe Joel Rampho,
  • Collins Edet,
  • Precious Amadi ,
  • Ita Akpan,
  • Ridha Horchani,
  • Hewa Abdullah
Akpan Ikot
University of South Africa - Florida Campus

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Uduakobong Okorie
Akwa Ibom State University
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Gaotsiwe Joel Rampho
University of South Africa - Florida Campus
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Collins Edet
Federal University of Technology Minna
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Precious Amadi
University of Port Harcourt
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Ita Akpan
University of Calabar
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Ridha Horchani
Sultan Qaboos University
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Hewa Abdullah
Salahaddin University- Hawler
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In this paper, we solved the Schrodinger equation with Hellmann-modified Kratzer potential using Nikiforov-Uvarov-Functional Analysis (NUFA) method. The obtained energy is used to study the numerical results of the ro-vibrational energy spectra for some selected diatomic molecules and their thermodynamic properties. In addition, we also investigated the Fisher information for three diatomic molecules and they all satisfied the Stam-Cramer-Rao inequalities uncertainty relations. Special cases of the potential are discussed and we compute the numerical eigenvalue of the modified Kratzer, Kratzer-Feus and Hellmann potentials for comparison with other analytical methods. The results of the present study agree with the results obtained with other known methods.