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On preservation of functions with exponential growth by certain Exponential operators
  • Nav Mishra,
  • Naokant Deo
Nav Mishra
Delhi Technological University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Naokant Deo
Delhi Technological University
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In this study, our aim is to provide a modification of the so-called Ismail-May operators that preserve exponential functions \(e^{Ax},A\in\mathbb{R}\). In consonance to this, we begin with estimating the convergence rate of the operators in terms of usual and exponential modulus of continuity. We also provide a global approximation and a quantitative Voronovskaya result. Moreover, to validate the modification, we exhibit some graphical representations using Mathematica software to compare the original operator and its modification. We conclude that the modified operators not only preserve exponential functions but also provide faster rate of convergence when \(A>0\).

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