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The HPC Certification Forum: Toward a Globally Acknowledged HPC Certification
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  • Julian Kunkel,
  • Weronika Filinger,
  • Christian Meesters ,
  • Anja Gerbes
Julian Kunkel
University of Reading

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Weronika Filinger
University Of Edinburgh
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Christian Meesters
Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
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Anja Gerbes
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
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The goal of the HPC Certification Forum is to categorize, define, and examine competencies expected from proficient HPC practitioners. The community-led forum is working toward establishing a globally acknowledged HPC certification process, a process that engages with HPC centres to identify gaps in users’ knowledge, and with users to identify the skills required to perform their tasks. In this article, we introduce the forum and summarize the progress made over the last two years. The release of the first officially supported certificate is planned for the second half of 2020. 
29 Apr 2020Submitted to Computing in Science and Engineering
29 Apr 2020Editor invited a reviewer
01 May 2020Editor invited a reviewer
04 May 2020Review Report #2 received
19 May 2020Published in Computing in Science and Engineering
19 May 2020Reviewer #1 has been removed by the editor
01 Jul 2020Published in Computing in Science & Engineering volume 22 issue 4 on pages 110-114. 10.1109/MCSE.2020.2996073
Dirk Colbry posted a review
The article on "The HPC Certification Forum" describes the goals and objectives behind a community effort to build a testing and certification system for HPC (high-performance computing) skills.  As the profession of  Research Facilitation grows, there is a clear benefit to having a common testing and certification framework to help define the technical skills needed in the profession. The article motivates the need for this system and encourages further reading in two referenced articles.  Some noticeable aspects of the approach laid out in the