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Novel side by side Foley catheter balloons for extended labour induction: Description of technique
  • GJ Hofmeyr,
  • Riche Dalmacio
GJ Hofmeyr
University of Botswana

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Riche Dalmacio
Walter Sisulu University
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Labour induction with a cervical Foley catheter balloon is safer than pharmacological methods, particularly with previous caesarean section, fetal compromise or limited monitoring facilities. Amniotomy is associated with setting-specific risks. To extend balloon retention until labour is established thus avoiding pharmacological agents or amniotomy, we have developed a novel method of variable weighting of the balloon catheter according to the cervical status. When the cervix is too dilated to retain a single balloon, two Foley balloons are inserted side by side at the same level above the cervix.