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First recovery of Candida africana from the oral cavity of children with leukaemia receiving chemotherapy in Basrah, Iraq
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  • Hanan Makiia,
  • Abdullah Al-Saadoonb ,
  • ADNAN Al-Hawash,
  • Awatif Issa
Hanan Makiia
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Abdullah Al-Saadoonb
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ADNAN Al-Hawash
University of Basrah
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Awatif Issa
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Twenty-nine Candida isolates were assessed with green-coloured colonies using CHROMagar Candida medium with a positive germ-tube test. Based on morphological and biochemical tests, 29 strains were isolated from the oral cavity of children with leukaemia who were undergoing chemotherapy in Basrah, Iraq. Three (10.3%) of them were identified as Candida africana. Identification of the isolated yeasts was further confirmed at the molecular level by amplifying the internal transcribed spacer sequencing (ITS) region of rDNA comprising the ITS1-5.85-ITS2 regions of fungal rRNA genes. This study represented the first recovery of C. africana from the oral cavity for immunocompromised patients with leukaemia and considered the first record of species in Iraq.

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